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QC Data


QC Data is an industry-leading engineering design and data services provider, well known for its data-focused expertise related to asset and infrastructure management. The firm brings a comprehensive portfolio, including work programs for leading energy, utility, telecommunication, and engineering contracting organizations. A 40-year focus on data and service capabilities extends to all major GIS, CAD, asset systems, and field-based surveys.



Established in 1977 in Calgary, Canada, as a small privately held company, providing well-log digitizing services to the oil and gas industry, QC Data went on to build a worldwide presence and a comprehensive portfolio of work programs for some of the most prominent energy, utility, telecommunications, and engineering contracting organizations.



QC Data’s data-driven services support the entire network asset lifecycle and deliver the information businesses need to provide services faster, repair proactively, plan and procure more efficiently and build quality network infrastructure intelligence. QC Data offers network design, data management, improvement and maintenance, project management support, and field audit services.


ENTRUST Solutions Group Acquisition

In November 2019, ENTRUST Solutions Group announced its acquisition of QC Data.

“We view the addition of QC Data as an ideal partnership as we continue to seek ways to expand our utility and telecom services,” stated ENTRUST Solutions Group Chief Executive Officer Steve Knowles. “In particular, over the last 20 plus years, QC Data has become well known for their data focused expertise in asset and infrastructure management.”

“My team and I are excited to begin our partnership with ENTRUST Solutions Group,” said QC Data President Glen Helin. “This transaction is the perfect next step for our organization and for our continued growth and expansion. We look forward to leveraging ENTRUST’s breadth of knowledge and national footprint to expand our service offerings and strengthen our position as a premier engineering and data services provider.”

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