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EN Renewables will expand upon the work ENTRUST already performs for investor-owned utilities, local distribution companies, midstream operators, developers, and technology partners. With collaboration from the other six sectors, EN Renewables will develop and implement renewable projects, provide reliable and cost-effective engineering and consulting solutions, and deliver high-quality results.

Alongside the broader ENTRUST team, EN Renewables partners with clients to support their battery storage, hydrogen, RNG, wind, solar, EV infrastructure, and microgrid projects with several critical services. These services include feasibility studies, design, consulting, federal grant support, and project management to complete projects on time and within budget.

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EN Renewables FAQs

How does EN Renewables fit within the ENTRUST service offerings?

EN Renewables, a sector within ENTRUST Solutions Group, maximizes the organization’s capabilities through collaboration with other sectors. EN Engineering optimizes the design and engineering of renewable energy systems, including facilities and operating infrastructures. EN Consulting offers comprehensive consulting services, aiding in project planning & feasibility studies, regulatory requirements, and safety/management of change issues. EN Communications ensures effective communication within renewable energy systems through its telecommunications and fiber optic expertise, as well as the application and implementation of possible federal grants and tax credit programs. EN Data Solutions assists in the optimal placement of renewable energy infrastructure using data aggregation and GIS mapping. EN Automation integrates control systems for enhanced operational efficiency. EN Field Services contributes field engineering expertise for efficient installation and maintenance. Leveraging these sector-specific strengths, EN Renewables ensures a full-service, holistic and efficient approach to implementing renewable energy projects, driving sustainability and success within the renewable energy sector.

What part does ENTRUST play in providing sustainable solutions, especially in the Power, Gas, and Telecom industries?

EN Renewables is instrumental in driving sustainability across the power, gas , and telecommunications industries. By integrating renewable energy technologies, such as solar, wind, and hydrogen EN Renewables significantly reduces carbon emissions and lessens the reliance on traditional energy sources. This transition enhances energy efficiency, lowers operational costs, and promotes an eco-friendlier approach.

In the telecommunications sector, EN Renewables focuses on providing uninterrupted power to telecommunication towers and networks through renewable sources and energy storage systems, ensuring seamless communication even during power outages. In the power industry, it aids in the integration of renewables into the power generation mix, advancing sustainability by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and enhancing grid resilience.

For the gas industry, EN Renewables advocates for energy-efficient practices, contributing to sustainable operations. For decades, EN Engineering has been completing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), formerly called biogas, projects. EN Engineering has also been at the forefront of hydrogen and CO2 capture projects. We have completed several projects with major utility clients and have led several industry task forces on the forefront of this technology to reduce carbon emissions.

Moreover, EN Renewables offers strategic consulting to guide these industries in adopting sustainable energy practices and shaping their strategies. Through these initiatives, EN Renewables plays a vital role in facilitating the transition towards sustainability within these critical sectors.

How is ENTRUST working with utility companies to reduce their carbon footprint?

EN Renewables works directly with our clients to develop carbon-reduction programs and projects that help them to exceed their short-term and long-term environmental goals. EN Renewables’ expertise helps utility clients translate clean energy aspirations into executed projects in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner to reduce carbon.

How can ENTRUST support a client with a renewable energy project?

EN Renewables offers comprehensive support for clients embarking on renewable energy projects, both large and small. Beginning with a thorough needs assessment and consultation, the team aligns project goals with the most suitable renewable energy solutions, considering client requirements, sustainability objectives, and budget. Collaborating with EN Consulting, EN Data Solutions, and EN Field Services, we are able to provide our clients with a front-end analysis, including a financial proforma tied to a capital cost estimate, a preliminary schedule, and an analysis of project risks with ways to mitigate potential geographic, environmental, construction, and regulatory factors and plan the project effectively.

Leveraging expertise from EN Engineering, they design and engineer customized renewable energy systems that integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure while meeting industry standards. Project management is a priority, ensuring smooth execution, budget adherence, and timely delivery. EN Field Services oversees installation and commissioning to ensure optimal system performance.

Post-implementation, EN Renewables sets up monitoring systems, with EN Automation’s assistance, to track energy production and system efficiency, providing ongoing maintenance and training for the client’s team. The commitment extends to continuous performance assessment and upgrades, optimizing efficiency, and meeting evolving energy needs. Ultimately, EN Renewables ensures clients achieve their renewable energy objectives efficiently and sustainably.

How can EN Renewables leverage the other sectors of ENTRUST to work with clients?

We are a full-service engineering/consulting company. The collaborative approach adopted by EN Renewables, in coordination with other sectors of ENTRUST Solutions Group, is geared towards delivering tailored renewable energy solutions to clients. We want to be your one-stop shop for all your engineering and consulting needs. By amalgamating expertise from various sectors like data analysis, engineering, automation, and field services, EN Renewables ensures that each renewable energy project is designed and implemented to align with the specific needs and constraints of the client.

This customization encompasses efficient placement of renewable infrastructure, integration of cutting-edge technologies for optimal performance and monitoring, and consideration of geographic and field-specific factors. Moreover, the collaborative effort allows for comprehensive consultation and educational support, empowering clients to make informed decisions and operate their renewable energy systems efficiently. In essence, the tailored approach guarantees that renewable energy solutions are not only sustainable but also finely tuned to meet the unique requirements of every client.

If there is one key takeaway for a client or potential client, what would it be?

The key takeaway for a client or potential client is that EN Renewables, in collaboration with ENTRUST Solutions Group, offers personalized, sustainable renewable energy solutions. Through a holistic approach, leveraging diverse expertise and cutting-edge technology from various sectors within the organization, EN Renewables tailors each project to meet specific client needs. From optimized infrastructure placement to seamless technology integration, this collaborative effort ensures maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmentally conscious solutions. The commitment to providing comprehensive consultation and ongoing support empowers clients to embrace renewable energy with confidence, knowing they are receiving a solution uniquely crafted to suit their requirements and drive a sustainable future.

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