Data Integration & Solution Deployment

ENTRUST offers a full suite of data integration and solution development services. We also have in-house analysis solutions that can be deployed on a client’s system or run within ENTRUST infrastructure, utilizing the client’s data. These services include risk assessment, assessment data management, custom dashboard and reporting mechanisms, and custom tool development. Our expert teams work closely with each client to understand their needs and goals. ENTRUST can customize any solution to meet the needs of the client. As a part of any solution development and deployment, or as a separate service, we also offer data integration support. Data integration can take different forms, from helping our clients plan and prioritize the long-term activities around data improvement initiatives to data migration from one system to another and data enhancement activities.


EN Data Solutions assists our clients by evaluating disconnected and potentially duplicated data sources such as excel spreadsheets, personal databases, or stand-alone enterprise data repositories and strategically integrating them into the enterprise data systems. The steps we take to achieve this include data source evaluation, identification of integration options, integration planning, and establishing updated workflows minimizing impacts to end users. We then execute and support the integration of the data sources through the implementation life cycle, including interface development, testing, documentation, and change management to deliver a comprehensive solution to our clients.

Collecting data directly on a well-designed mobile platform can improve efficiency and reduce errors, thereby saving money and improving safety. We support our clients by developing and deploying effective digital data entry solutions that smoothly integrate and augment their data collection processes. EN Data Solutions provides comprehensive services for all phases of mobile deployment including needs assessment, solution design, workflow adjustment and solution deployment, testing, and user training.

EN Data Solutions helps operators manage the evolution of their spatial data systems through the strategic planning and execution migrating data models supporting the adoption advancing technology. Our team engages in system evaluation, gap analysis, data mapping, and migration execution and testing. We bring our industry experience and best practices in data transfer and adapting new workflows to the changed system. EN Data Solutions partners with the operator in all phases, including planning and strategizing, documentation development, task automation, and testing.

Every utility’s GIS is unique due to operating practices and the company’s overall data ecosystem. Our skilled programmers work with our clients to expand the value of their GIS by implementing custom integrations, developing analysis tools, and analyzing and improving data quality. EN Data Solutions’ GIS professionals can audit the GIS to identify data and/or process gaps, recommend enhancements, and plan long-term improvement to maximize data value. We assist our clients by building custom analysis tools supporting business decisions. Our team is also experienced in establishing metrics and processes to measure data improvement and value, evaluating the impact of missing, inaccurate, and out of date data, and assessing the impact of proposed data improvement.

EN Data Solutions experts take a holistic approach to assessment data management, helping clients manage their pipeline assessments from start to finish while integrating the resulting data with their GIS. We provide services to help capture, integrate, and manage assessment data within a spatial framework for many assessment types including external corrosion, internal corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and in-line inspections among others. Our team aligns and analyzes the assessment data to provide severity classification along our client’s pipelines, enabling them to leverage the data over the life cycle of the related assets. EN Data Solutions can also deliver visualization services in a variety of options from interactive spatial dashboards to aerial maps.




ENTRUST Solutions Group is proud to be an ESRI Partner


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