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ENTRUST’s data management team has the expertise needed to offer a wide range of services to support your operations and management of your data. From data reconciliation to data cleansing, we support all your data improvement initiatives. Our team has extensive experience with utilities and works with data in various systems, inside and outside of GIS. We work with clients to learn their systems and data standards and provide quality support throughout the process of updating records. We provide you with top-quality deliverables quickly and efficiently, ensuring that we meet every goal.


At the core of every database should be a data-driven model with quality standards that provide usefulness for every aspect of your business. Consistent and accurate information is necessary for the analysis of your assets as you apply quality management principles.

ENTRUST Solutions Group is proud to hold an ISO 9001 certification with The International Organization of Standardization. Our quality management system is a client-focused set of standards that are adaptive to the QA/QC demands of any project.

Our team of experts includes database managers, GIS analysts, software developers, gas and electric utility engineers, and non-gas pipeline engineers, whose industry knowledge is essential for designing a QC program that performs effectively from the start.

QC professionals at EN Data Solutions have the essential resources to accurately execute the quality control plan, such as programmatic automation, robust checklists, and performance analysis tools. Whether you are looking for a QC program embedded into an ENTRUST project or prefer a standalone product, EN Data Solutions has the technical expertise to ensure your data meets your standards.

Most companies have large volumes of paper documents that contain information required for critical operational processes. Paper documents have limited access and introduce inefficiency and errors into the organization’s work processes. EN Data Solutions experts provide our clients with digitization services. We support digitization and integration of historic and current paper documents into a client’s data system. First, we conduct a detailed inventory of the available records and estimate the cost of digitizing these documents and the impact on our clients’ operations. When the cost of digitizing the documents is justified by the value gained, we develop a plan to digitize the relevant documents. Depending upon the requirements, digitizing the documents can be done by scanning them into a digital format, tagging them with relevant information, and linking them to the appropriate assets. If the requirements demand a higher level of integration, the source documents can be manually reentered as digital data. Both processes allow our clients to query, search, run reports, or otherwise use the data to better support their operations.

Reliable and accurate data is the foundation of an effective data system. Our expert consultants have years of experience working within data systems to cleanse them of errors, duplication, or other discrepancies. When engaging in these initiatives, we identify and quantify the errors and evaluate the potential cause and the severity of the error. After locating the gaps in quality, we evaluate the costs and impact of various correction techniques from low cost/low accuracy automated algorithms to high cost/high accuracy manual fixes. The desired accuracy and cost of the corrections drive the development of an overall data enhancement plan prioritizing data cleansing with respect to the severity of the data. EN Data Solutions then supports the execution of the data enhancement programs by managing activities, performing corrections, and reviewing the enhanced data.

One of the key requirements to obtaining high value from modern decision support and analytics applications is high quality data. While starting with high quality data is one factor in this value chain, maintaining data quality through a system is equally important. If the processes involved in making changes introduce errors or allow data to become stale, high quality data quickly deteriorates. Our team of experts assists our clients by developing workflows and processes ensuring that data quality is maintained in a timely manner. This process-oriented work supports our other data management services and assists our clients in maintaining high quality input data supplied to analytics applications and asset management systems.

EN Data Solutions helps our clients plan long-term activities around data improvement initiatives that involve high volumes of data throughout the organization. We begin this process by identifying existing data gaps that need to be resolved in order to improve business processes. We then evaluate the criticality of that data gap and various options for resolving the data gap. Data may be enhanced by correcting errors, supplementing incomplete data, or implementing new integrations to keep time sensitive data up to date. This process could include source record review or field data collection such as digging up the pipe to identify the pipe’s material. Once this is complete, our team of experts help prioritize the initiatives or activities within a data improvement program so clients can get the most value based upon the amount of effort required or resources available within a given time period. The duration of the program could be five, ten, or fifteen years to achieve various objectives of improving data quality and might be done in conjunction with other projects or services for efficiency.

EN Data Solutions also builds tracking and reporting mechanisms that measure the program’s success so clients can adjust and tailor their efforts to the ongoing program’s effectiveness. By monitoring the program, our clients are able to ensure that data enhancement programs continue to deliver value.




ENTRUST Solutions Group is proud to be an ESRI Partner


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