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ENTRUST’s technology team includes professionals with the expertise and experience you need to help you move forward in the challenging intersection of IT and business stakeholders. This can include a wide range of objectives, from fitting data into a new software format to planning your future needs in a deeply connected server and software architecture. Our team also includes industry cross-discipline subject matter experts to ensure that each project will proceed with deliberate, well-informed, thoughtful care and consideration from all angles. Key topics of interest for our clients include keeping GIS and other software well tested and up to date; making plans to leverage emerging technology trends, such as enhancements to the cloud; and mobile technologies, such as the internet of things. To address these, our services include IT project management, enhancement, and programming of GIS, mobile data capture consultations, database consultations, software testing, digital twin road mapping, and Esri utility network preparedness. 


EN Data Solutions’ expert team works closely with our clients to identify long-term goals, gaps in their current system, and a roadmap forward for the next two, five, and ten years. We help our clients create a system-wide roadmap and assist business leaders to dive deeper into specific initiatives such as data improvement or system migration. Our team helps our clients answer those critical questions to plan for the future.

Utility Network and ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing (APR) are ESRI-specific solutions changing the way utilities interact with their spatial asset data. Deployments are a big change, impacting the business users such as GIS data owners, operations staff, integrity managers, and IT teams responsible for managing and deploying the technology. EN Data Solutions provides support planning and deploying the solutions, including gap analysis, data model readiness evaluation, data model translation, road mapping, pilot programs, implementation, and testing.

EN Data Solutions experts work with our clients to evaluate current data workflows and propose improvements to increase efficiency, accuracy, and value of their GIS and overall data systems. EN Data Solutions dives in with our clients’ stakeholders and end users to streamline workflows through automating repetitive tasks, linking data sources to eliminate potential duplication errors, and automate analysis workflows to increase overall efficiency and consistency.

EN Data Solutions’ professional project managers have experience planning and managing upgrades and deploying new architecture supporting IT departments seeking additional resources to integrate with and augment their current staff on key projects. Our project managers have delivered customer projects such as enterprise upgrades to their Esri environment, server migrations, and other system changes. We work seamlessly within our clients’ organizations to plan, research, coordinate, track, manage project risk, and provide comprehensive communication to all stakeholders using industry best practices.

A well-structured data governance system is the key to accurate, standardized, good-quality data for all stakeholders across an organization. Data governance programs provide the procedures, policies, and structure for organizations to effectively manage, utilize, and secure their data while protecting its integrity, availability, and usability.

We recognize that changing policies and updating procedures can be complex for any organization. EN Data Solutions teams are knowledgeable, efficient, and use industry best practices to manage this change for you by facilitating workshops and promoting collaboration with all significant stakeholders to ensure complete data needs are covered.

These experts create, test, and implement streamlined workflows and processes that improve compliance, safety, data quality, and efficiency. Our experience allows us to ensure the new data governance system will meet your needs.

Systems that provide data insight and visualization are becoming more sophisticated. It won’t be long before electric and gas utilities are able to utilize a digital twin, a condensed, fully responsive digital system that represents the physical world and its interrelated activity.

A digital twin will allow for powerful simulations and planning with a level of detail that has never been seen before in the value chain and energy production and asset lifecycles. Potential applications are multi-industry ranging and may include interactions between gathering, transmission, and distribution systems, energy load forecasting, and cell network automation.

Applying this technology will require strategic planning and detailed implementation plans. EN Data Solutions is prepared to help you take advantage of this futuristic reality in the space where remote sensing, 3D visualizations, game development simulations, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality all converge.

At EN Data Solutions, our energy clients are often focused on moving towards a unified data system. Part of that process is understanding and creating the common data structure definitions for the different data objects across systems. This is crucial for our clients to move away from data silos to a connected and beneficial system.

Our data experts have a wide variety of backgrounds and technical expertise and will work with you to review and evaluate your complete data system. These professionals include database administrators, energy industry data model experts, programmers, technical experts, and professional project managers.

This highly skilled team allows EN Data Solutions to provide advice on implementation, maintenance, integration, and other tasks that connect your data systems while helping you move towards a streamlined system that follows Common Information Model principles.

Cloud architecture can be an important addition to your current on-premises deployment, and in some cases may be able to completely replace some systems.

Our team of experts at EN Data Solutions can help you choose between cloud vendors, understand pricing, determine which applications and machines should migrate to the cloud, and assist you in the migration process.

We also have the technical expertise to configure your servers and leverage the scalability of the cloud. Whether you are looking for an ArcGIS Enterprise in the cloud or migrating your on-premises database, EN Data Solutions will help you get there.




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