Hydrogen Services

Hydrogen Services


As we work towards a greener future, hydrogen’s viability in the fight
against climate change is becoming clear. However, many operators and
developers don’t have the bandwidth or technical capacity to support the
multitude of uses being explored. ENTRUST Solutions Group’s highly
experienced team of engineers, metallurgists, and project managers are
perfectly positioned to support the rapidly evolving hydrogen marketplace.

Our team’s diverse experience supporting gas and electric utilities allows
us to leverage in-house subject matter experts across the gas and electric
transmission, distribution, and power generation spaces. We utilize this
expertise to help shape projects and provide the necessary perspective to a
broad group of stakeholders, helping them grasp the economic implications
and engineering complexities involved in these cross-functional projects.

To successfully execute these first-of-its-kind projects, utilities and
developers alike will need a broad range of project development, project and
construction management, engineering and design, and inspection skillsets
from which to draw upon, which ESG stands ready to provide.


Project Development & Consulting

  • Feasibility studies
  • System modeling
  • Pilot project scoping, study evaluations, and experiment tracking
  • Standards and procedure development
  • Metallurgical engineering and material evaluation
  • Blending operations
  • PSM review and HAZOP
  • Regulatory assessment

Project & Construction Management

  • Project controls
  • Scheduling
  • Commissioning
  • Training

Engineering & Design

  • Facility design and upgrades
  • Skid design solutions
  • Electrolysis integration
  • Storage solutions
  • Control system design and system integration
  • Compliance sampling

Inspection Services


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