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EN Communications delivers fiber broadband networks to cooperatives, municipalities, investor-owned utilities (IOUs), and tribal entities. From initial project funding through to completion and every step in between, our team can provide you with the communications and broadband engineering services you need. We have extensive experience in both the electric utility and telecommunication markets. Our turnkey approach meets client needs and solves problems at every phase of the buildout.

Our highly skilled engineers, designers, planners, pole analysts, funding coordinators, and CAD and GIS professionals bring decades of experience to ensure your project’s success. Our regionally based field and engineering teams draw on a nationwide network of utility experience to deliver solutions that are recognized as best-in-class throughout the industry.

Whatever your project, we deliver it to meet your requirements on time and with high quality


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EN Communications FAQs

What services does EN Communications provide?

EN Communications, a sector of ENTRUST Solutions Group, specializes in telecommunications consulting and implementation with a specific focus on fiber optic and wireless technologies. EN Communications plans, designs, develops, operates, optimizes, evaluates, and secures network infrastructure for utilities, local governments, service providers, and tribes. In essence, this sector offers the full scope of services aimed at the implementation of communication infrastructure, which encompasses the planning and design of telecommunications networks, including the deployment and maintenance of fiber optic cables for high-speed data transmission.

How does EN Communications work with utility companies in fiber distribution to ensure they are capitalizing on all available opportunities to fund their initiatives?

EN Communications takes a comprehensive, integrated approach that identifies the full range of opportunities to capitalize on fiber assets. The key to this approach includes active engagement with stakeholders and robust partnerships.

EN Communications collaborates with utility companies and local governments to optimize their funding streams to implement key initiatives by leveraging our specialized grants team. We assess existing infrastructure, identifying opportunities for expansion and upgrades to meet current and future demands. Our deep understanding of grant processes and compliance ensures that utility companies make the most of available funding, be it federal, state, regional, or local. Our strong connections within federal agencies, such as DOE, USDA, DOT, and DOC, enable us to facilitate grant applications and partnerships with a great level of success. Beyond federal grant expertise, EN Communications assists in securing regional and local grants by identifying, strategizing, and ensuring compliance with various grant sources. Additionally, we assist with community engagements and project implementations, furthering the success of grant-funded projects. Overall, EN Communications plays a pivotal role in helping utility and local governments enhance their fiber distribution networks, while minimizing direct costs, to deliver improved services to communities nationwide.

How does EN Communications work with rural communities to help them achieve a proper and robust broadband infrastructure?

We provide capacity and expertise for rural communities to identify creative solutions for deploying and using broadband infrastructure, including incremental, opportunistic builds, partnerships, and the full range of private and public financing/funding options.

We partner with rural communities to establish robust broadband infrastructure that is readily available in urban markets across the US. They conduct needs assessments, design custom solutions, and assist in securing grants. Our experts navigate regulatory requirements, facilitate public-private partnerships, and engage with communities to truly understand their unique requirements. EN Communications ensures the timely and budget-conscious implementation of infrastructure projects, promoting reliable, secure, and efficient broadband networks. Our efforts bridge the digital divide, enhancing economic growth, education, healthcare access, and overall quality of life for underserved areas.

How does EN Communications work with cities to plan and build scalable fiber and wireless infrastructures?

EN Communication’s comprehensive, integrated approach considers the full range of complementary assets—recreation, safety, traffic, utilities, etc.—and stakeholders to identify short-term opportunities and long-term trends. We design so that it can be economically incrementally deployed and reconfigured to meet changing needs.

EN Communications collaborates with cities to plan and implement scalable fiber and wireless infrastructures. We start with a city assessment, designing custom solutions to meet specific needs. We assist in securing funding, navigating regulatory requirements, and selecting the right technology. Project management ensures timely execution and quality assurance guarantees reliability and security. EN Communications focuses on scalability to meet future demands, and community engagement ensures alignment with the city’s vision and its citizens’ needs. By providing these services, they help cities enhance digital connectivity, promote economic development, and position themselves as technologically advanced, competitive urban centers.

How can EN Communications leverage its sister sectors to work with customers?

EN Communications focuses on network infrastructure as the foundation for delivering services efficiently, equitably, and flexibly. Our sister sectors build on this foundation to provide comprehensive, sustainable systems for our customers. We harness the collective strengths of our sister sectors within ENTRUST to deliver holistic solutions. By collaborating with EN Data Solutions, we utilize data insights to inform network deployment strategies, identifying high-demand areas for broadband services. EN Field Services can provide on-ground support for infrastructure implementation, including surveys, installations, and maintenance, ensuring efficient network operations.

Partnering with EN Renewables allows for renewable infrastructure solutions, integrating energy sources such as solar and wind power into network operations. EN Consulting offers strategic guidance on technology adoption, network design, and grant acquisition, helping customers make informed decisions. EN Engineering is specialized in network design and architectural planning ensuring efficient and reliable infrastructure. EN Automation aids in automating network operations and control systems, optimizing security and efficiency. This collaboration empowers EN Communications to provide end-to-end solutions, covering data analysis, field services, renewable energy integration, consulting, engineering, and automation. By leveraging the capabilities of our sister sectors, EN Communications offers comprehensive, sustainable, and scalable telecommunications and broadband infrastructure solutions.

If there is one key takeaway for a customer or potential customer, what would it be?

EN Communications enables you to maximize the value of your investments in network infrastructure. We offer comprehensive, data-driven, and sustainable solutions for all your telecommunications and broadband infrastructure needs. By leveraging our expertise and collaborating with our sister sectors, we provide end-to-end services that encompass everything from initial data analysis and custom infrastructure design to secure and reliable network deployment. Whether you’re a rural community, municipality, investor-owned utility, or tribal nation seeking advanced connectivity solutions, EN Communications is your trusted partner in bridging the digital divide, enabling growth, and ensuring a brighter, connected future.


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